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Enterprise Business Division

Public & Government Sector

The Public and Government Sector was established in 2000 as a result of the management vision towards the nature of the IT business in the Governmental Sector. ACT believes that its role in the Public and Government sector stems from its nationalism and its belief that we should all participate to make a better future for our country. The Public and Government Sector has a special need, and ACT has the vertical expertise necessary to meet them. From Small governmental agencies to Ministries, we have been able to supply the solutions that can leverage effectively and economically the investments that government made in infrastructure technology. The PGS (Public and Government Sector) explores the world of IT solutions and uses its experience to integrate these solutions all together to create an optimum solution that meets the customers’ potential and expansion requirements. Also the PGS helps our customers to re-engineer their systems in light of prevailing.
ACT is one of the biggest System Integrator Companies which provides a different type of solutions through a wide portfolio, in his turn fulfills our customers need. ACT is specialized in Data Center Consolidation Solutions, Software Manage Data Center Solutions and End User Solutions. In ACT, we have a stuff of professional engineers who can provide a 24x7 support covering all governorates.
More than 12 years, ACT has served: MCIT, MSAD, MOI, MOA, MOE, Higher Education, CAPMAS, IDSC and MOT with many accomplishments such as: EGX Data Center Renovation, Police Academy E-learning Solution, AICT Data Center & Network Infrastructure Renovation, MOE Data Center Implementation, CAC T3 IT automation, Egypt Air MS infrastructure, MOI Officers Affairs Data Center & Printing Solution, MOI data center renovation, MOI Portal, CAPMAS data center, TRANS IT data center renovation, The development of Rescue Operations Room in Cairo and Giza, NMI Data center implementation, ICTP implementation data center for 23 universities, NCI network infrastructure.

Telecommunication Business Sector

In today’s dynamic environment, the communication industry faces great challenges such as increased competition, commoditization of products and services, and the need to emphasize customer-focus.
Since 2001, ACT provides the Telecommunication Sector with integration top-tier technology solutions which require to help communications industry’s players leverage new technologies and transform existing business practices.
The Telecommunication Sector evaluates the "TIME" as a competence which means MONEY, OPPORTUNITIES and COMMITMENT/CREDIBILITY, in order to work with an IT System Integrator company. Since ACT is one of the biggest System Integrator Companies, therefore it knows and understands the sector needs. “TIME” for ACT means: Delivery Commitment, Avoiding the Down Time, Innovate the solution on the right time. In ACT, we maintain the relationship of our customers before starting their services.
We provide to them a dynamic portfolio which contains: Cloud Solutions, Virtualization, Wifi Network Coverage, Hardware delivery, MS Solutions, Outsourcing. . For more than 12 years ACT has served Vodafone since it was called “Misr Fone”, Etisalat before it has an office in Egypt and Mobinil since its inauguration.

General Business Sector

Since 1988 and the General Business Sector had been in business. We can proudly say that it is the oldest sales department in ACT. The GBS (General Business Sector) is ACT’s main sales sector that generates more than 35% of the total revenue of the company. The GBS is offering a very advanced suite of business intelligence solutions to the decision makers of our customers that can make their business grow. The GBS serves the market with full array of system integration solutions which include: Enterprise Planning, Risk Management, Consolidation, and Subsidiary Management. The General Business Sector covers under its umbrella the Manufacturing, Banking, Health Care, Aviation and Transportation.

Oil & Gas Sector

The Oil & Gas is a vital field which works in co-operation with government, partners and other stakeholders to provide natural gas to markets. The Oil and Gas department is a vertical under the General Business Sector, it was founded in 1990 to render this field with a full basket services through special vehicles. Since that date, ACT is focusing on providing this sector with a total IT solutions: Infrastructure, Networking, Servers, Storages (PCs and Software) and Applications.
ACT decided to take a total different approach by providing a non-traditional solutions for the Petrochemicals Companies by moving their business scope from Small & Medium Business to Mega Business. As we integrate a new type of solutions “Light Current Solutions” which covered: CCTV, Time Attendance, RFID, Access Control, Cabling, Video Conference and Data Security.
MOPCO, ETHYDCO & ESTERYNICS are ACT’s biggest success stories in the Oil & Gas sector.
More than 23 years, ACT has served more than 100 customers  ex: MOPCO, SEDPE, ESTERYNICS, ETHYDCO, EGPC, QARUN, PETROBEL, GANOUPE, KHALDA, COOP, ENPPI, SLB, GUPCO, MIDOR, SUMED, ELNG, GPC, GASCO, PMS, PAPETCO, PETROJET with  great accomplishments such as: Enap Sipetrol Servers Implementation, MOPCO Data Center & storage implementation, STYNICS Network, security and storage implementation, QARUN service & storage implementation, KHALDA service & storage implementation, SPC storage implementation, PHPC Network implementation and ETHEDCO Network implementation.

Real Estate Business Sector

In 2004, a new department had been annexed to the company is the Real Estate. The Real Estate Sector was created as a result of the vision and belief of the management that the gap between IT and Communication is getting smaller every day. RES (Real Estate Sector) is focusing on providing our customers with a high quality and complete IT infrastructure, networking solutions and services in order to give our clients the ability to maximize productivity and to enhance their intercommunication efficiency. Including cabling infrastructure, networking passive components, networking active components, local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network management, data security and integrity solutions. ESS is a horizontal sales sector that provides all verticals with their requirements of security solutions. RES offers our customers a wide range of monitoring and alarm solutions. Starting with fire alarms and smoke detectors, passing by closed circuit TVs and motion detectors, ending with access control and metal detectors. On the solutions side, RES provides the customers with a complete suite of fencing and intrusion detection solutions. In addition to all these solutions RES has very specialized solutions for the hospitality sector including Pay TV and PBXs.

Education Business Unit

Education Business Unit, EBU, is the latest and newly structured unit of ACT focused in the Egyptian education market. Whether you are a k12, higher education or professional education; EBU of ACT is your destination to build a successful vision towards building tomorrow’s education future. As one of the largest integrated solutions providers in Egypt; ACT has partnership with the largest enterprise educational solutions provider i.e. Blackboard. With a market share worldwide exceeding 75% with more than 16 years of experience in education along with more than 25 years of experience in the Egyptian market with large projects. 
EBU of ACT provides the following Blackboard platforms for the Egyptian education market:
  - Blackboard Learn™, Blackboard Collaborate™ and Blackboard Mobile™
Also, EBU of ACT developed campusCONNECT™ School Management System (SMS) and Student Information System (SIS) that is fully integrated with Blackboard platforms. With openness standards; campusCONNECT™ can be used as a stand-alone product that can be customized with your learning platform, if you already have one, otherwise you can have it bundled with Blackboard platforms. CampusCONNECT™ has the following modules: Student Affairs, Control Units and Grading, Control Units and Grading, Bus Management, Medical Record Management, Fees Management, Activities and Summer School, School/Campus Administration, Staff Affairs, Payroll Management, Inventories Management,


The Presales department was established since ACT’s foundation. Our Presales team is the credit of our company which provides our customers with a full solution consultancy services, competition analysis, focusing on Data Center Enterprise solutions including servers, storage, backup, virtualization, cloud computing and disaster recovery, developing technical pre-sales solutions, conducting professional demos and presentations for assigned solutions, and develop competition analysis between products. Our Presales team revolve around creating awareness of ACT's products, and working closely with potential customers to determine how the company can best serve their unique needs.

Project Management

Since its establishment, ACT has adopted a Project Management approach with a team dedicated to implementing “Customer Oriented” activities. ProjectManagement is about managing with the best practice processes tailored to a particular program or project. ACT’s Project Management Service provides comprehensive and flexible project management consultation to ensure IT infrastructure requirements are completed on time, according to plan and within budget. ACT provides Project Management Services that enable identification, prioritization, and appropriate investment in projects in line with corporate strategy. Furthermore Project Management Services will facilitate the increase of visibility, insight as well as improve productivity, reduce cycle times, decrease costs and increase quality. As a system integration company, our clients differ in many aspects: scale of projects, their industries and investment goals. In ACT, we have more than 10 PMP owner who managing and implementing their vision in project handling.